Onesta Purmerend

A ux case study

UI Redesign & Interactive Prototype for Onesta’s fresh new office in the city of Purmerend.

The challenge

In order to launch a new office in a new city with new team members, this real estate company needed a fresh new website to go along with this exciting new milestone in their growth as a company.


Onesta had a visual identity styleguide and a website, but they felt like it needed a refreshing overhaul. All while still maintaining the identity they had already created and established in the market.


First some interviews were conducted in order to figure out in which areas of their identity I could have creative freedom and which aspects were set in stone.  What was also defined during these interviews were the important functionalities and filters that needed to be applied, especially to the listings page.  What followed was a research on current UI trends for real estate platforms, and to find inspiration or innovative ideas.


Then the overall structure of the website was defined using wireframes, which then turned into a High Fidelity UI design of all the pages and after some iterations these designs were made into a fully interactive prototype. This prototype was then used to develop this new website for Onesta Purmerend by TAO company.






A happy client, met expectations and a fresh new website design to get the benjamins rolling.

Besides that, I learned a lot in this project in terms of managing and realizing the desires of multiple stakeholders into 1 design. Which I did not expect to be easy. Real estate can be a complicated industry but really fun to design for.