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It might be a bit cliché to start my story by telling you where I am from, but it is such an essential element of who I am as a person that it has even influenced how I maneuver as a professional to this day.

I was born in the beautiful country of Colombia and grew up in paradise: on the island of Aruba. These 2 essential pit stops in my journey gave me a sense of warmth, empathy and love for multiculturalism. A sense which has come in handy in a future driven by globalization and innovation.

I moved to the Netherlands to pursue my professional career and ended up falling in love with the world of User Experience Design, Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Now back to business

It was in college where I started wondering about what was important for me and my career and I came to the realization that the sense of freedom was something I needed to have in my life in order to live a fulfilling and happy life. Hence why I chose the entrepreneurship route.

The more I interacted with business owners and other creative entrepreneurs the more I could relate to their struggles and the more I wanted to help them out.

I became obsessed with gaining knowledge and skills outside of the school curriculum, mostly because it was required for my business to run better and to be able to communicate better with a multitude of people in different fields.

After graduating I went all in into the agency and it has been one of the most amazing learning periods in my life so far.

The reason why you might be reading this is because I sent you this website link, or applied to a position at your company. I am always looking for the next challenge and opportunity for growth as a professional.

If you’d like to know me or would like to discuss the possibility to collaborate and build something awesome together. Click to get in touch!

Featured work

District 297

This is one of Aruba’s first Job and professional community platform. This beautiful project aimed to address one of the most challenging problems of the island: Brain Drain. This platform needed to speak to the diaspora and provide them with a clear overview of opportunities back home. Click below for more.

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